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Do not expose yourself to danger.  Some risks include onset illness caused by growth of harmful microbes.  Also, onset illness through inhalation of contaminated air from sewage or mold contamination to property.  Structural damage can happen from flooding, floods.

Professional cleanup fresh or contaminated water all the time with varying degrees of flooding. Immediately after the first precautionary steps of ensuring the safety of your family, you should call us for flood help.


From water heater floods to toilet overflow, we are prepared for any and all water cleanup situations.

Limit the damage before your cleanup company arrives. 1) Turn off you're A/C if you haven't done it yet. This limits the spread of microbes in your home or business.  Ensure that children, elderly, people with weakened immune system, and pets stay away from area, especially if there is raw sewage or evidence of mold.  Do not try to turn off circuit breakers in or near the affected area. Do not unplug and remove electrical appliances. There is risk of electrical shock.  Take pictures of everything, especially electronics (TVs and computers), for insurance purposes.  Do not remove wet furniture and other affected items until a professional, or your insurance company has had an opportunity to access the water cleanup area.  State Farm insurance claims, Allstate insurance claims, Liberty Mutual insurance claims, USAA insurance claims, and others are welcome.


Ellenwood water cleanup is one of those few things that should only be done by a professional water removal company. However, Google search for the term "water cleanup  Ellenwood" does not yield many useful results to choose from: waste management companies, dumpster rental, and medical waste disposal service companies can not and will not be able to clean up water and perform proper mitigation. Some sewage cleanup search terms can yield a list of sewage mitigation companies.  Other search terms used are 'water restoration Ellenwood'.


Settling for a neighbor who will shovel out the sewage waste or renting a WetVac are not good options either. Please continue searching for a water removal and clean up companies that area certified in water damage restoration or use the company listed here. When selecting your water removal professional, make sure to ask if they are certified in water damage restoration. Most importantly, remember to stay safe and act immediately! We are who to call to clean up sewer water or sewage in Ellenwood.

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Sewage backing up (maybel already backed up) into the bathtub is one of the most unpleasant things a homeowner may discover upon entering a finished basement or first floor bathroom. Bathtub filling with raw sewage usually happens when your septic system fails and sewage that is supposed to flow into the septic tank backs up into the lowest level of your home overflowing bathtubs and toilets. Bathtub sewage backup may also happen if your main drain is blocked. Bathtub sewage overflow can be quickly handled by Sewage Damage Cleanup & Repair specialists. Do not flush or run water anywhere in the house. If you decide to use a shop vac and empty into buckets (careful of parasites) do NOT pour it into the sink! If you poured drain cleaner chemicals into your tub and it didn't help, always remember that those drain-clearing (clear a drain) chemicals are highly toxic! Use caution and always warn plumber if you tried using drain cleaner chemicals lately.

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Toilet Overflow is the most common cause of residential sewage damage. Toilets overflowing is usually a result of a septic backup, a blocked drain, or the most recent flush is still flushing.  Avoid septic system failure by performing regular maintenance and avoid drain blockage by not flushing items such as sanitary wipes, cat litter, condoms and other things that are not intended to be flushed. You will not have overflowing toilets!  If you believe your toilet is about to overflow (rising sewage water in the toilet bowl), you can prevent devastating sewage damage or limit sewage contamination by following these steps quickly:  Take the toilet tank lid off and plug the rubber flapper valve into the drain leading to the toilet. Then lift up the floater to stop water from entering the toilet tank and lock it in this position. Reach down and close toilet water supply valve. Call the plumber. Water cleanup help is just a phone call away in Ellenwood. Check crawlspace once a week for flooding.


If you noticed toilet overflow too late and raw sewage has already spilled on the floor, that means area is contaminated. Based on what materials have been touched by sewage, you may need to remove them. If the contaminated area is small 1-2 square feet, hard (tile) and you cleaned sewage up and disinfected the area immediately (wear gloves), you may not need to call water and sewage damage restoration experts. Just the plumber.


However, if you didn't notice overflowing toilet and the toilet overflow affected area is medium to large or if the material is porous (carpet, vinyl, linoleum, drywall, wood floor) or sewage sat there for longer than 10-20 minutes, you need to call sewage damage restoration company to clean it up. Sewage damage experts usually arrive quickly and come prepared. Ask the sewage restoration technician what needs to be done and discuss options of filing insurance claim or how NOT to file and insurance claim.


Cleaning technicians should normally remove the contaminated materials that can not be disinfected on site.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration standards (IICRC), apply anti-microbial solution that kills bacteria, parasites, mold and mildew. Steam and dry the area. Water cleanup is available 24 hours in Ellenwood Georgia.

Toilet Overflow Ellenwood

Flood damage and water damage can be a homeowner's worst nightmare! However, if one is properly insured, such an experience can be a lot less stressful when repairing the flood damage. Successful flood damage and water damage preparation includes knowing the difference between flood damage, and that of water damage. Flooding can be classified as the rising and overflowing of water onto normally dry land. Where as water damage occurs when water damages your home before it actually comes in contact with the ground. While most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage, they do not cover flood damage. Therefore, one should acquire a flood damage insurance policy. A basic flood damage insurance provides coverage up to the policy maximum for flood damage.


Actively in the news today are instances of adults and children who have gone missing or lost their lives due to the devastating Texas floods of 2015, referenced at severe weather. Here is some flood damage safety advice. Once you notice that there is a problem of standing water damage or even just squishy carpet, be sure not to touch any lamps, light switches, or pipes overhead. There is risk of electrical shock. Recent rainfall amounts has caused flooded basements and crawlspaces and are a very poignant reminder that flood damage can happen quickly.

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Sewage clean up (cleanup), no matter where you discover it (bathroom floor, basement flooding, flooded crawlspace) is a horrible problem. Calling a sewage removal company right away is the best way to help with sewage cleanup cost. Sewage cleanup companies are on call 24/7 and will bring their sewage removal trucks to extract (suck up) the sewage from your floor or anywhere else sewage has touched. Sewage removal services use an antimicrobial application and other necessary decontamination procedures. Sewage remediation specialists will bring your home back to a safe and healthy environment.

"Rainwater looks just like sewage in some cases."

Many homeowners and occupants will have to deal with a water clean up situation while in their home. Most times water that needs to be cleaned up will be the result of something small like a leaky pipe or a small water damage. Sometimes, however, a water cleanup can be large. In these cases, the result of the water on the floor is usually a hot water tank that has a leaky valve, or worse a busted water line in the house. In these cases, it is more than appropriate to hire a water cleanup company to help with your water cleanup. The water cleanup company listed on this page is a certified professional water mitigation company. They are prepared and ready to aid you in Ellenwood. We love to clean up water in Ellewood!

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Water cleanup (clean up), sewage cleanup (clean up) has varying degrees of contamination. We know the dangers involved and we are prepared to help protect you and your family from the potential flood damage that comes with a water cleanup disaster due to sever storms.

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Frozen Pipes Ellenwood

Frozen pipes can happen because cold weather and pipes are not always the best of friends. Cold weather can lead to frozen pipes and ultimately lead to some pretty extensive water damage. Just like ice cubes in a freezer, water expands when it freezes. The expansion in pipes puts a huge amount of pressure on pipes leading to pipes bursting. When pipes burst from being frozen, it sends many gallons of water into a home or business. This drastically compounds the damage suffered by homeowners and business owners alike.


The pipes that are most likely to freeze in the frigid temperatures are the ones located on outside walls, under a sink, in attics, or in an unheated crawlspace. There are a few reasons a pipe might freeze; a sudden drop in temperature, not having the heat set high enough, or not having the right amount of insulation. As State Farm says on their website, “Both plastic and copper pipes can burst when they freeze, and recovering from frozen pipes is not as simple as calling a plumber. A 1/8-inch crack in a pipe can spew up to 250 gallons of water a day, causing flooding, serious structural damage, and the immediate potential for mold.”


Preventing frozen pipes can save a homeowner or business owner a lot of stress and money. Things that can be done to prevent frozen pipes: insulate pipes or use heat tape on pipes, keep temp at 55 degrees even when traveling, turn on faucet to allow a trickle of water to run in extreme cold temperatures, and fill all gaps where cold air can enter in like where cable lines come in to home.

Not to exclude the clean up (cleanup) of nasty toilet water due to a clogged drain.  Quite often, the toilet spill is more than a spill.  It can go under bathroom cabinets or vanity, behind and under tile and even pass through the floor and flood levels below.  If the water that  needs to be extracted goes under the tile floor, there is contamination trapped there. Simply have an IICRC certified professional check for the presence of contaminated toilet water.  That nasty water, also called black water or category 3 water, must be removed promptly in order to prevent microbial growth (mold). A backed up toilet, or one that is actively backing up is very serious. The official description of our emergency management industry is water damage restoration.

Toilet back up (backup) of nasty  and contaminated toilet water can be sourced by clogged drain.  Sometimes a backed up toilet can be a little water on the floor and other times, there may be a completely flooded home (house) or business (office). Take note, that plumbers or a   plumbing company in Ellenwood is not certified to cleanup, remove, extract, or remediate this situation your flood.

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