Sewage Clean Up (cleanup), Water Clean Up, Toilet Backup

Paul LePage

Office of the Governor

#1 State House Station

Augusta, ME 04333-0001


888-577-6690 (TTY)

"Paul LePage has spent most of his life tackling one challenge after another, the kinds of challenges that defeat

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1st week in June is Maine Clean Water Week

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Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If you have a SANITARY SEWER MAIN EMERGENCY (located under the street) such as sanitary sewer overflow, sewer blockages, and sewer backup, try contacting your city or county Sewer Line Maintenance Hotline or Sewer Damage Emergency Line. Most of them are answered 24-7.


Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If your sewage damage comes from the service line - the pipe connecting your home to the sewer main, it is your (homeowners) responsibility to make sure you are safe and repairs are made. Please contact your local plumber and a water damage mitigation company.

Water Clean Up Sewage Cleanup: Maine

According to the 2010 United States Census Bureau the population of Maine is estimated at 1,328,188 people.

The land area of Maine is 30,842,.92 square miles. The population density of Maine is estimated to be 43.1

people per square mile. Geographically, Maine is northeast of New Hampshire. The state abbreviation for Maine is ME.

Governor Info:

60 Community Drive, Augusta, ME 04330


Joan Kiszely

Maine Wastewater Control Association:

Mailing Address:

11 State House Station

Augusta, Maine 04333-0011

Physical Address:

286 Water Street

Key Plaza, 3rd Floor

Augusta, Maine 04333




"Safe drinking water is essential to maintaining good human health. Maine citizens and visitors enjoy access to

excellent quality drinking water from many lakes, rivers and underground aquifers. More than 2,200 public water

systems provide drinking water to over half of Maine's population and many guests."

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State of Maine, Drinking Water Program: