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Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If you have a SANITARY SEWER MAIN EMERGENCY (located under the street) such as sanitary sewer overflow, sewer blockages, and sewer backup, try contacting your city or county Sewer Line Maintenance Hotline or Sewer Damage Emergency Line. Most of them are answered 24-7.


Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If your sewage damage comes from the service line - the pipe connecting your home to the sewer main, it is your (homeowners) responsibility to make sure you are safe and repairs are made. Please contact your local plumber and a water damage mitigation company.

Water Cleanup, Flood Cleanup, Arizona (AZ):

Many homeowners and occupants will have to deal with a water clean up situation while in their home. Most times water that needs to be cleaned up will be the result of something small like a leaky pipe, or a small water spill. Sometimes, however, a water cleanup will be large. In these cases the result of the water on the floor is usually a hot water tank that has a leaking valve, or worse a busted water line in the house. In these cases, it is more than appropriate to hire a water cleanup company to help with you water cleanup. The water cleanup company listed on this page is a certified, professional water mitigation company. They are prepared and ready to aid you in your water cleanup.

If you have any questions about installation or servicing of on site wastewater systems in Arizona, please get in touch with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. Established by the Arizona Legislature in 1986, this Department examines, licenses and regulates those involved in manufacturing, installation and service of such systems:

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

1110 West Washington Street

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

(602) 771-2300 - General Information

(800) 234-5677 - Toll Free

(602) 771-4829 - TDD

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

Southern Regional Office (SRO)

400 West Congress Street, Suite 433

Tucson, Arizona 85701

(520) 628-6733 - General Information

(888) 271-9302 - Toll Free

(520) 628-6745 - Fax

Emergency Response Hotline: (602) 771-2330 or (800) 234-5677 - Toll Free


You can also access the Application Forms and Guidelines: Underground Storage Tanks, by following this link:


If you would like to file a formal complaint or report a suspected violation of environmental law or rule.

The Honorable Janice K. Brewer

Arizona Governor

Executive Tower

1700 West Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4331

Tucson Office: (520) 628-6580

To report sanitary sewer overflow,please contact your local city or county authority.

Governor's Contact Info:

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