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Water Clean Up Sewage Cleanup: Alabama

Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If you have a SANITARY SEWER MAIN EMERGENCY (located under the street) such as sanitary sewer overflow, sewer blockages, and sewer backup, try contacting your city or county Sewer Line Maintenance Hotline or Sewer Damage Emergency Line.

Water Clean Up, Sewage Cleanup: If your sewage damage comes from the service line - the pipe connecting your home to the sewer main, it is your (homeowners) responsibility to make sure you are safe and repairs are made. Please contact your local plumber and a water damage mitigation company.

Many homeowners and occupants will have to deal with a water clean up situation while in their home. Most times water that needs to be cleaned up will be the result of something small like a leaky pipe, or a small water spill. Sometimes, however, a water cleanup will be large. In these cases the result of the water on the floor is usually a hot water tank that has a leaking valve, or worse a busted water line in the house. In these cases, it is more than appropriate to hire a water cleanup company to help with you water cleanup. The water cleanup company listed on this page is a certified, professional water mitigation company. They are prepared and ready to aid you in your water cleanup.

Water Cleanup, Flood Cleanup, Alabama (AL):

To report a Sanitary Sewer Overflow, please call (334) 274-4200.

Contact Information:

ADEMAttn: Municipal Section

Post Office Box 301463

Montgomery, Alabama 36130-1463

(334) 271-7810

Governor's Office

Mailing Address

State Capitol

600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Governor's Office Telephone NumbersSwitchboard:

(334) 242-7100

Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board

450 South Union Street, 2nd Floor

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

Local: 334-269-6800

Fax: 334-269-5953

via email

Melissa Hines -

Mike Talley -

Sewage Clean Up Legislation:

Included in the Alabama legislature and in accordance with the states Environmental Management is Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM). It is which the authorizing US government agency that is responsible in implementing rules granted by the US Environmental Protection Agency, created last 1982. It is spearheaded by Lance R. LeFleur as its commission director last June 1, 2010.


The agency is responsible in executing environmental laws in the state.

As required by the US Environmental Protection Agency, ADEM issues permits to the state's wastewater treatment facilities, monitor environmental activities and issues in the state. ADEM faced controversies for non-functioning in the past. Among its controversies include its former director Trey Glen getting accused of allowing emitters to emit pollutants more than they ought to, and the equally controversial petition asking EPA to revoke ADEM's authority by a certain coalition of environmental group in the state.

A compliant organization in the state is the Mobile Water Service System. The system has three treatment plants that undergo monthly monitoring and relevant treatment programs. The group secures permits and necessary requirements from agency.


The Heart of Dixie is the other name given to Alabama. It is also referred to as The Yellowhammer as its unofficial nickname and as Cotton State as well. Montgomery is the capital of the state. Alabama ranked 30th from the list of US states and territories by land area with a total of 52,419 square miles. It nestled amid Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi wherein 3.19% of this part is composed of water. This is the reason why the state has the second biggest inland systems in its waterways across United States. Alabama usually has tropical storms and hurricanes and in fact, Alabama has the most reported damaging tornadoes compared to any other state in the whole of US from January 1, 1950 until October 31, 2006. People in Alabama went through a very tough damage on April of 1974 during the Super Outbreak and recently, the Tornado Outbreak last April 25-28, 2011.

Alabama placed 23rd in the US with its population at 4,779,736 as of 2010. Chilton County is the center of population in Alabama. According to a study, residents of Alabama are not very much into exercising after knowing that has of the worst for obesity rate. The greater parts of the population are Protestant. At 26.2%, African American is the majority group of ancestry.

Alabama is home to a lot of known people and landmarks. One of whom is the 66th US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice , the remarkable largest cast iron in the world The Vulcan statue and University of Alabama Football team's home stadium the Bryant-Denny Stadium.


In 1702, the French founded at Old Mobile. It was believed that at this was when the state was initially founded. The settlement of the European in the area and their control over the place was from 1702-1763. Mobile was one of the many other territories like West Florida, Territory of Orleans and lastly in 1812 with the Mississippi Territory that the Europeans took control of. Spanish governance finally ended when Andrew Jackson settled in demonstrating authority over the region through a Unites States de facto. In 1819, Alabama was the 22nd to enter the union. It was also the 5th state to break away from the Confederate States of America.


The incumbent governor in Alabama is Robert J. Bentley, a Republican. He is officially the 53rd governor of the state on January 17, 2011. He was born on February 3, 1943 at a county in Alabama called Columbiana. He is a dermatologist by profession at the University of Alabama. He was captain at the Unites States Air Force from 1969-1975 for serving as a general medical officer. He is also a deacon and a Sunday school teacher in the church his family actively participates to named as the Baptist Church Tuscaloosa.

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